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Sunday, March 01, 2009



---is on indefinite Hiatus---
okay it's just another way of saying i aint got anymore stuff to say,
and..i dont have time to really write anything so..yeah
that's it.
thanks for reading if you have been
thanks also if you have not.

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 4:02 AM|


Wednesday, December 31, 2008


happy new year's day everybody!
its been a great year..
a year of discoveries
and stuff

i'm not a fan of new years resolutions
cos i suck at keeping them
well imma gonna have at least
a few to give my 2009 kinda like a workplan

1. find a purpose in life
i guess it means finding my calling in this life, not that there are many other lives..
but..you get the drift

2. have a bigger heart.
i gotta be more gracious, more patient and forgiving.

3. learn to love and be loved.
hmm how did that come about? well..means being a better friend
and a better brother and son to my parents and my sis.

you might say..(or not)
huh malcolm then dont wanna find girlfriend huhh
HA true but i guess you dont really PLAN
for such things
but if i find her..it'll be really great though.
i believe in fate
if 2 people are fated to be together
no matter how long it takes
they'll be tgt eventually
somehow someday.
maybe i'm too passive
but i dunoo.
thats really how i am, hard to change
but really
no matter how long
i'll wait..
i'll wait

happy new year's day
may the girls stay beautiful
the guys stay HUNKY SEXAY!
and may ORD come fast LOL

alrighty Malcolm here signing off the first post of the new year!

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 8:09 AM|


Friday, December 19, 2008


i dont know what to write about
even though the urge to pen something
totally eats me from the inside.

well..i'll try alright?

you know those days where you totally dont wanna talk to ANYONE
when you just wanna go home
clear your head
and find out whats troubling you
only to realize that..

n o t h i n g

you're just..going ballistic at yourself.
yeah i'm havin one of those days myself.
because you totally have NO IDEA what to do
to make yourself feel better
thus i hope by blogging this i'll SOMEHOW
be able to quell this shit right down.

oh great
i really really hope this works cos
i'm really feeling like a dick right now
i guess i'll cool down somehow
but dont know whenn
till then
i'll try to hold on


| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 7:58 AM|


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


from training in taiwan
phew it was one hell of a ride i tell you
but can't say much about the training
the only thing i can say is that
do it once in a lifetime is enough alr hah

RnR was a blast
went to shop shop shop
eat eat eat
i bought like..
okay lemme count
200 bucks worth of clothes
yes i only bought clothes HAHA
taiwan was eye opening
the girls do know how to dress up
but once you take those eyeliners and stuff off
i still think that they lose to local girls
ALRIGHT not that i'm comparing but
yeah just an INNOCENT opinion.

so i'm havin the whole week off today
gotta use this time to rest up
oh ya i got my jungle hat
you guys prolly wouldnt grasp the significance of it anyway
lets just say that..
only a handful of ppl will get it in their lives.
besides us, its the commandoes.
that should explain alot.

oh man i'm gettin weird
cuz i was readin this manga
called Suzuka.
you know this feeling of not wanting say....
a certain drama series to end
like you want it to last forever
yeah after readin Suzuka
this is what i felt
first time i felt so strongly about a manga series.
so you guys should go check it out.
very very nice.

it's alr wednesday
time flies when you're havin the week off
that's all from me.

i pray for good things to happen

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 9:25 PM|


Sunday, October 26, 2008


its D minus 6hrs
till i'm flying
and i'm bored

alrighty gonna do some last minute packing
enjoy the song?

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 2:01 AM|


Saturday, October 25, 2008


back again!
on the eve of my departure to TAIWAN
taiwan! T-A-I-W-A-N

not on hols
but to train
for obvious reasons
i shall not divulge more
yeah i'm serious
if not i'll get into LOTS of trouble

its gonna be the longest 3 weeks of my life.
but at least i get to go somewhere different
somewhere i've never been
i really really hope it'll be an eye opener
and time would pass real quick!

oh yeah since i'm here
there's a really nice metal band called Lacuna Coil
should go check it out
haha random

its like D-9( it's read Dee-minus-nine )
which means 9 hrs before i'm flying off
alan jeff and wei siong alr flew ytd night
to taiwan as well..but we're at different camps haha
its gonna be a crowded place
maybe i'll try to blog straight from taiwan if i can
mean while it's gonna be a long goodbye
not goodbye
maybe a brief hiatus
HAHA come to think of it
my blog always machiam on hiatus never update one

don't expect any gifts from me LOL

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 11:08 PM|


Saturday, October 11, 2008


i can't help but think
we've all grown up already
a couple of years back
we're still in secondary school
still studying
still teasing one another
still having fun.

fast forward,
the guys are in the army
the girls are studying or working alr
and things are on a different level now,
it's not that i dislike us growing up
but it's really kinda surreal you know,
when you take a look around,
things change.
you ACTUALLY see it happening.

i guess that's what memories are for.
it's like a book, a scrapbook rather
because it's memories that link us together
it's memories that explain the value of me to you
whether good,bad happy or sad
browse it whenever you like
and experience that fuzzy feeling
sometimes i can feel a tear coming down
but at the end of the day
you have to put that very scrapbook
with bits and pieces from your past
back into the drawer.
because this world doesnt stand still
not for you, not for me.

actually i dont really know what i'm driving at
i just want to pen down my thoughts
before i forget them
you know,
i spent more than 2 hrs on this post
pondering about what to write
i think it's the night sky
it's the same night sky we see

it's with the different people we sit down with underneath the dark skies
that truly seperates one night from another

i'm not emo
just..filled with wonder on how life is.

| Malcolm. fought for sanity @ 10:13 AM|